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  • Merck


    Merck is the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world. It employs 52,000 people in 66 countries worldwide. It focuses on the treatment of fertility disorders, the field of oncology and multiple sclerosis, and last but not least, the field of life science.


    In 1668, Friedrich Jacob Merck acquired a license that granted him the privilege to run a pharmacy in Darmstadt, Germany. The pharmacy is still running by its descendants and that is why it is one of the oldest family businesses in the world. Merck's history has lasted for 350 years, after 12 generations (with thirteenth birthday).


    Pharmacist Emanuel Merck focused on the study of chemistry of natural herbal substances - specifically on alkaloid research, especially on opium morphine extraction for commercial purposes. The purity of the alkaloids produced by him soon surpassed all of its current practitioners.

    Emmanuel joined his 3 sons (a trader, pharmacist and chemist) into the company's management, laying the foundation for family management that Merck has used today. With 70% share in the company, the family is now responsible for strategic leadership. Since 1879, Merck has been trading on all continents.

    In 1904 a new factory was opened in Darmstadt.


    As a result of the events of the First World War, Merck lost its foreign affiliates, including Merck & Co. in the USA. (founded in 1890). According to the agreement, Merck is Germany's global Merck Holder, with the exception of the US and Canada where EMD operates (Emmanuel Merck Darmstadt). The "confiscated" affiliate operates in the US under the name Merck & Co. and in the rest of the world like MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme). There is nothing in common with Merck KGaA.


    In 1995, Merck entered the world stock market. Between 2000 and 2015 several acquisitions took place, the largest was the acquisition of the leading biotech company Serono. Thanks to this connection, research into biologically active oncology drugs could be developed.

    Merck celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2018.

  • FutureLife


    FutureLife company was set up in 2014 and its vision is to become the largest provider of medical care in the area of reproductive medicine and genetics in the Europe. FutureLife now operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK and Ireland. It is part of the Hartenberg Investment Fund. In addition to assisted reproduction, FutureLife clinics also deal with plastic surgery, gynecology, urology or gastroenterology. The group also owns a polyclinic, which offers a full range of ambulances.

  • Kitazato


    Kitazato is a Corporation founded in Japan in 1996, involved in the research, the development and the manufacturing of biotechnological medical devices for assisted reproduction. In the last two decades, we developed products like the Cryotop® Method, which changed forever the work in an IVF lab.

    Together with our partner Dibimed, distributor in Europe, Russia, Latin America and Africa, we cooperate with IVF Clinics all over the world, listening to their suggestions in order to improve the devices we manufacture.

    Our main objective is providing IVF professionals with the best possible clinical results. With this in mind, we started a Training Program, which helped thousands achieving the unparalleled results that our products offer.

  • Roche


    Roche has been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. At Roche Diagnostics we offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio in in-vitro diagnostics solutions. Roche Diagnostics is committed to improve women’s access to healthcare and reduce preventable deaths for example due to cervical carcinoma. We can equip women to manage the range of conditions they face at every stage of their lives. Among Roche Diagnostics' solutions for women are tests to answer questions about fertility and assist during pregnancy. Parents-to-be may wish to learn about prenatal testing, such as the non-invasive, DNA-based blood test for Down Syndrome. Preeclampsia is a serious but preventable pregnancy complication if monitored and treated in time.

    Please contact us at our website if you wish to obtain more information:

  • Ferring
  • CTshipper


    CTshipper is a fertility courier company with its roots stretching back to 2010 based on the previous company’s experience with transporting gametes and embryos. We have so far transported over 3,500 shipments worldwide without any issue or claim made against us.

    CTshipper do provide a hand-carry door-to-door transport, which means that one of our professionally trained employees travels with a dry shipper (container for transport of deeply frozen biological samples). At the same time the container would not be handed over to any other third party/company. The inner temperature in the container is monitored by a gadget called data logger, which records throughout the transport and we are able to provide a temperature map as a proof that the temperature has been okay during the transport, should the patient or the facility asks for it. We are also able to arrange an exemption from x-rays at the airports based on our licenses and permissions. It is forbidden by the European Tissue Directive to put such a sensitive material through the x-rays as it can be dangerous.

    CTshipper is also licensed by the State Institution for Drug Control of Czech Republic and at the same time by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be able to operate in the USA as well.

  • CooperSurgical


    Products and services for every step of the ART cycle. The CooperSurgical family of companies is comprised of global leaders in IVF and reproductive genetics, working together to provide innovative products and services for every step in the ART journey.

    Our brands


    The company was founded in Denmark in 1987 under the name Medicult.  Its innovative approach quickly positioned it as one of the leaders in the global IVF Media market.


    Research Instruments

    Research Instruments (RI) was founded in London in 1962. A global leader in micromanipulation technology, the company moved into the fertility industry in the early 1990s. Working closely with pioneers in the field such as Dr Simon Fishel, RI refined its products to meet the needs of those perfecting ground breaking techniques. This continued partnership with innovating embryologists to pinpoint exactly what ART clinics require has led the company to be the largest hardware ART supplier in the world with a global network of distributors and a comprehensive product portfolio.



    K-Systems Kivex Biotec A/S was founded in 1986. Over 30 years they emerged as a market leader from their premises in Denmark and established   a distribution network in more than 60 countries worldwide with the development, manufacturing and sale of innovative and well designed equipment to professional IVF Clinics. Their innovative range of equipment enables laboratory technicians to perform IVF techniques in safe and ergonomical conditions.



    Over 35 years ago, Wallace worked with IVF pioneers to design and manufacture the world’s first commercially available embryo transfer catheter. This catheter was used in the first successful IVF treatment, resulting in the birth of Louise Brown in 1978, and remains the most popular catheter worldwide.



    Legacy companies Reprogenetics, Recombine, and Genesis Genetics were the pioneers and global leaders of comprehensive reproductive genetic testing. Brought together under the CooperSurgical family, these companies are now united as CooperGenomics, the premier provider of genetic testing for every step of the family planning journey.



    The LifeGlobal Group, headquartered in Guilford, Connecticut, is a privately held company that specializes primarily in IVF media. LG is pioneer and leader in “one-step” media for embryo culture. LifeGlobal’s other product categories include other media products as well as IVF laboratory air filtration products and dishware.

  • East Port

    East Port

    Established in Prague in 1993, East Port Company specializes in the sale of reagents and instrumentation for Molecular Biology, Genetics. From the very beginning it also specialized in the IVF area, where it represented the Danish company Medicult (Origio), a leading European manufacturer of IVF media on the Czech market.
    Cooper Surgical has recently acquired Origio, Sage, Wallace, K-System, Research Instruments (RI), TCP, Cooper Genomics, Life Global and East Port Praha has become its exclusive distributor for the Czech and Slovak Republics.